Arlo base station setup error

Arlo base station is used in order to connect your Arlo security camera to your home wifi network. You must also get Arlo base station to get long-range connectivity. You can also set up an Arlo base station just like the Arlo camera through the web address. However, many users often face Arlo base station is offline issue. If you are trying to connect your Arlo camera to the base station continuously and still your Arlo base station turning offline, here are a few tips that you can use to resolve the issue.

Why my Arlo base station turning offline?

Are you facing Arlo base station setup issues? Does your Arlo camera randomly go offline? If your Arlo camera not connecting to the base station, here are some root causes of the issue. 

Slow internet speed

Slow internet speed can result in the Arlo base station turning offline. Hence, you must check the internet speed.

Improper configuration

If you have made some errors while performing Arlo base station setup it can lead to Arlo base station offline error.

Outdated firmware

If your Arlo base station is offline or your Arlo login not working through, this could be due to outdated firmware of your router. Therefore, it is recommended to update your router’s firmware.

How to turn Arlo base station offline to online?

Many users often face ‘my Arlo keep going offline’ issue. Follow these easy troubleshooting issues to fix Arlo camera or my Arlo base station offline error.

  1. First of all, you need to check the cable connection to your existing modem. Also, check the internet connection to turn Arlo base station offline to online.
  2. Check the power adapter. Make sure that the power adapter is connected to the base station and also plugged into an electrical outlet.
  3. Try to connect the internet from a device that is directly connected to your router. If you cannot browse the internet, you need to restore your router’s connection to the internet. If you can browse the internet, you can continue following the troubleshooting tips.
  4. Power cycle your Arlo base station.
  5. Check and change the security settings of your router.
  6. Perform a factory reset on your Arlo base station.

If your Arlo base station is offline, you can perform the above-given troubleshooting tips.

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